Virtual Dressing Room Powered by PICTOFiT: How to Make Digital Transformation Sustainable

published by Sustainable Smart Stores 2021,
written by Microsoft & EHI Retail Institute

To date, digital transformation for retailers hasn't always led to sustainable outcomes, (e.g. high return rates), but with the virtual dressing room, powered by PICTOFiT, they go hand-in-hand. Microsoft and the EHI Retail Institute wrote a whitepaper (link below) on how retailers are leveraging the potential of digital sustainability solutions. We are proud that our technology is part of it.


In online retail, return rates are particularly high. Over 30% of all products ordered online are returned. In comparison, only 8.89% of purchased goods are returned in bricks-and-mortar retail. This is where our augmented reality solution PICTOFiT comes in: Its patented algorithms automatically convert product images into photo-realistic digital garment models. This technology allows online shoppers to create personalized avatars, allowing virtual try-on and accurate size recommendations for their purchases.


1. Capture and generate garments: retailers use their existing photo studios to quickly and scalably convert photos into smart AR assets. They only need to capture each garment once. Each subsequent size is generated from the size charts associated with that garment.

2. Avatar capture & generation: online shoppers create their own personalized avatars within minutes on mobile devices.

3. Virtual try-on: online shoppers can try on clothes and combine outfits with their personalized avatar, receive size recommendations and immerse themselves in real or virtual background scenes.

Trying on different outfits and sizes virtually enables online shoppers to make confident decisions quickly.
Take a look at our virtual dressing room solution, PICTOFiT Shopping, and reach out to us to learn more about how we can help your business at [email protected]

Download the full whitepaper here: