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Virtual Try On & Sizing

Virtual Try On for Fashion Retail and E‑Commerce

Virtual Try-On & Sizing

Boost Your E-Commerce and In-Store Performance with Virtual Try-On

Our PICTOFiT Virtual Try-On (VTO) solution is perfect for fashion brands and retailers of all sizes. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large multi-national corporation, our solutions offer a unique opportunity to increase conversions and decrease returns. Most importantly, our VTO solution is completely customizable to ensure that they perfectly match your brand’s aesthetic.

Interactive Shopping Experience

Increase Your Shoppers Engagement & Sales Conversion

PICTOFiT is the most realistic and accurate virtual try-on solution and integrates seamlessly with your e-commerce solution to provide a unique and interactive experience for your shoppers:

  1. Try-on products in a photorealistic virtual dressing room.
  2. Mix and match outfit combinations in different virtual environments.
  3. Accurate size recommendation based on personalized avatars.

This is a great way to ensure that your customers are engaged and informed when they shop with you. All you need are existing ghost mannequin photos or 3D models of your products to power your e-commerce or in-store solutions with the latest virtual try-on technology today.

Personalized Avatars

Personalize Your Customer’s Shopping Experience

Allow online shoppers to create their avatars – identical twins of themselves – to see how garments and entire outfits look on them. All it takes is a quick selfie and a few body measurements.

If your shoppers prefer anonymity, they can also personalize virtual mannequins with their body measurements. You can choose the color and texture of the mannequins to fit your corporate design perfectly.

Size Recommendations & Fit

Reduce Product Returns and Increase Sustainability

With PICTOFiT, online shoppers can create photo-realistic avatars within minutes. The avatars accurately reflect the shoppers’ body shapes and enable them to get accurate size recommendations, find the perfect fit, and buy confidently. As a result, shoppers return fewer products. The size recommendations are based on size charts or garment tech packs, giving them an unmatched level of accuracy.

Metrics & Results

Boost Your Key Performance Indicators


Conversion rate

Our clients increased their conversion rate by over 50% with PICTOFiT.

Average order value

In addition, the average order value could be increased by about 5%.


PICTOFiT shoppers spent 6x more, increasing the revenue of our clients by over 70 million euro.

Reduce return rates

Cut the cost of multiple returns by allowing shoppers to easily try before they buy.

Time on site

By offering a virtual fitting room, users' time on site increased by 441%.

Repeat purchases

PICTOFiT's intelligent retargeting features lead to repeat purchases and decrease cart abandonments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Answers about Virtual Try-On

  • What Is Virtual Try On?

    Virtual try on is a technology that allows users to see how an item of clothing would look on them without having to physically try it on. This can be done either by using a 3D model of the user, or by taking a photo of the user and superimposing the clothes onto them.

  • How Does Virtual Try On Work?

    Virtual try on works by using a 3D model of the user, or by taking a photo of the user and superimposing the clothes onto them. This allows the user to see how an item of clothing would look on them without having to physically try it on.

  • What Is the Best Virtual Try-On Solution?

    There is not a single “best” virtual try-on solution, as the best solution for a given business may vary depending on factors such as the type of products being sold, the company’s budget, and the preferences of the target audience. However, PICTOFiT is the most accurate and photorealistic virtual try-on solution for clothing on the market. It is scalable to thousands of products for 2D and 3D virtual shopping experiences and can be easily integrated into any e-commerce or in-store solution. PICTOFiT is also the only virtual try-on platform that offers an end-to-end solution for fashion brands and omnichannel retailers.

  • What Are the Benefits of Virtual Try On?

    There are many benefits of virtual try-on in e-commerce and in-store retail. It allows customers to see how an item looks on them without having to physically try it on. This can save time and hassle, especially for busy shoppers. It can help reduce the number of returns. Customers can make sure they like an item before they purchase it, which can lead to fewer items being returned. Virtual try-on can also help increase sales. Shoppers who are able to see how an item looks on them before they purchase it are more likely to make a purchase. It can provide a more personalized shopping experience. Customers can see how an item looks on them in their own personal environment, which can make the shopping experience more enjoyable. Overall, virtual try-on provides many benefits for both shoppers and retailers. It can save time, reduce returns, increase sales, and provide a more personalized shopping experience.

  • How Accurate Is Virtual Try-On?

    When it comes to virtual try-on, accuracy is key. If the software isn’t accurate, it can cause major problems with the fit of the clothes. This can lead to clothes that are too big or too small, and it can even cause clothes to not fit at all. PICTOFiT creates a highly accurate 3D model of the consumer’s body from just 5 measurements. Together with the technical specifications of the garment, we give the most accurate size recommendation today. This ensures that the clothes you’re trying on in the virtual environment will also fit perfectly in reality, every time.

  • How Important Is AI for Virtual Try-On?

    Artificial intelligence is extremely important for virtual try-on. AI can help to create a realistic 3D model of the customer, which can be used to generate an accurate representation of how the product will look and fit on them. Based on advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms from PICTOFiT, we provide the most realistic and trustworthy virtual try-on experience today.