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Virtual Try-On
for Fashion Retail
and E-Commerce

PICTOFiT is the leading virtual try-on platform for fashion e-commerce, powered by Generative AI.


Best Virtual Try-On Technology for E-Commerce

Looking for a cutting-edge virtual try-on solution to help your fashion brand or retail business grow? PICTOFiT is designed to cater to companies of all sizes and powers different features that help you increase conversions, boost user engagement, and reduce returns.

Try Before You Buy

Empower shoppers to make confident purchasing decisions.

In 2D, 3D & Hybrid 3D

PICTOFiT supports both 2D and 3D virtual fitting experiences.

Size Recommendation & Fit Visualization

Give shoppers accurate size recommendations and reduce returns.

Mix & Match Garments

Allow shoppers to mix and match outfits realistically.

Avatars & Personalized Mannequins

Enable shoppers to see how garments fit their body.

Customize Background Scenes

Create a shopping experience that matches your brand’s look and feel.

Real Benefits, From Real Customers

What PICTOFiT Virtual Try-On Can Do for Your Business


...average increase in sales revenue.


…more user engagement in your online shop.


…reduced product return rate from first-time shoppers.


…digitized products and garments per month and rising.

Trusted by Leading Brands

Partners & Customers

The PICTOFiT platform consistently created high-quality virtual garments from physical samples in a matter of minutes. It is the state of the art and it will be a game changer for brands and retailers that use it.

Matthew DrinkwaterHead of Innovation Agency, LCF

Shoppers are looking for immersive, virtual retail experiences. Innovators around the world are exploring how to use AI to bring more value to customers…opening the door to truly magical things…and tech from Reactive Reality help power the process.

Chris CaposselaChief Marketing Officer, Microsoft

Reactive Reality has built a best-in-class platform which helps brands and retailers create highly immersive shopping experiences while positively impacting their bottom line. Their PICTOFiT Capture Kit and Platform are great leaps forward for online merchants.

Ryan SmithProduct Lead, Shopify

PICTOFiT virtual try-on and fitting is fantastic for e-commerce and retail because it allows customers to see how a garment fits on them without having to physically try it on. Not only is this convenient for the online shoppers, but it also reduces the time and effort required by store employees.

Christopher BarthVice President of CRM, HUGO BOSS

We’re so happy to have chosen Reactive Reality to build our 3D virtual try-on experience! They did an amazing job of transforming our brand and outfits into a next-gen shopping experience that our customers love.

Vincent BaumannE-Commerce, OLA KALA

Reactive Reality demonstrated their ability to meet our current needs and their willingness to further develop the tool to ensure our future needs can be met. PICTOFiT was recently put into use. Our Sales colleagues are very excited and expect it to save a lot of time. We are very optimistic about the further collaboration.

Marcel AdriaensProject Manager, CWS Workwear

We are extremely pleased with our decision to work with Reactive Reality for the development of our 3D virtual try-on experience. The team at Reactive Reality has been highly professional and responsive, addressing any issues that arose promptly. They worked closely with us to enhance the overall functionality and user experience of the interactive app integrated on our website. Thank you!

Tema ModaSustainable Fashion Brand, Australia

First of all, hats off to these guys for the successful development of this still very new technology, which is going to be the necessity of the future. I am very satisfied working with Pictofit. I found these guys never stop bringing improvements to their virtual try room. I would say to them, "Please never stop innovating and support your customers as much as you can!" Well done and all the best!

Eco WorkwearWorkwear producer, Denmark & Pakistan

As a Neo Luxury Brand, we find the opportunity and the service that Pictofit offers unique and future-oriented! I am delighted to be able to go this path with you!

G-OldmanClothing Brand, Germany

Incredibly easy to get setup and running. Have had a lot of compliments on how cool it is for people to see our apparel live like they're trying it on in store. This is the future now!

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