Case Study

How OLA KALA Drives User Engagement With 3D Virtual Fitting Room



Industry: Apparel Mono-Brand
Headquarters: Germany
Number of employees: 40

Our Customer Uses PICTOFiT for Shopify to
  • Power the world’s first-ever 3D virtual fitting room
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Increase user engagement and sales conversions
  • Reduce their return rates

The Company

OLA KALA is a German fashion brand founded by well-known YouTube influencers Tim Gabel and Nicolas Lazaridis. Tim Gabel is one of the most famous fitness influencers in Germany. Nicolas Lazaridis, known by his YouTube alias Inscope21, has successfully produced videos on the platform since 2010.

With their combined expertise, they created OLA KALA (Greek for “everything’s fine”) to offer a unique and stylish collection of fashion products curated to cater to the latest fashion trends. OLA KALA continues to set new standards in the fashion industry, delivering high-quality, sustainable, and fashionable products that resonate with their community.

The Challenge

In the fiercely competitive fashion industry, e-commerce companies like OLA KALA face significant challenges. With many online stores offering comparable user experiences, OLA KALA needed to stand out. To achieve this, they aimed to provide a one-of-a-kind online shopping experience that would enhance user engagement and decrease return rates, setting them apart from their competitors.

The Solution

To achieve their goals, OLA KALA utilized the PICTOFiT Virtual Try-On App for Shopify to implement the 3D dressing room technology into their online shop, launching the world’s first 3D virtual fitting room for e-commerce. They only needed 3D scans of their garments to get started.

With PICTOFiT, their shoppers can now easily try on garments virtually on their personalized mannequins, mix and match garments, create entire outfits, and find their perfect size with the size recommendation feature. The different environments where shoppers can immerse their avatars and experience the brand are a highlight. One is dark, trendy, and moody, whereas the other is bright and neutral to inspect the garments in detail.

The Results

The results of this revolutionary technology are already proving successful, with positive feedback from customers enjoying the personalized and immersive shopping experience. OLA KALA is confident that their innovative 3D virtual fitting room will decrease return rates and increase customer engagement, setting them apart from their competitors in the fiercely competitive fashion industry.

Vincent Baumann, responsible for E-Commerce at OLA KALA, raves about the experience: “We’re so happy to have chosen Reactive Reality to build our 3D virtual try-on experience! They did an amazing job of transforming our brand and outfits into a next-gen shopping experience that our customers love.”