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Web Software Development Kit

Virtual Try-On for Fashion and Apparel Online Shops


Best Virtual Try-On App for Fashion Webshops

The PICTOFiT Web SDK empowers fashion brands and retailers to incorporate the PICTOFiT Virtual Try-On technology into their webshop seamlessly. This integration offers complete access to all the features of PICTOFiT. Based on our previous experience with customers, their agencies, and IT firms worldwide, it can be achieved in as little as one to two weeks of integration time.

PICTOFiT Webshop

Get Demo Access

Check out our live Virtual Try-On demo webshop and see what a personalized, interactive, and fun online shopping experience could look like in your online shop.

Integrate PICTOFiT

Software Development Kit for Webshops

Increase brand engagement, sales revenue and reduce product returns by integrating our Web SDK. The SDK is easy to integrate and follows industry-standard languages (HTML5, SWIFT/Objective C, JAVA). We provide best practice templates and support from our experts.


HTML5 and WebGL
ES6 compatible browser

Laptop displaying an online shop for fashion.

Performance & KPI

Boost Your Key Performance Indicators


Increase sales revenue

Providing your shoppers with an interactive virtual try-on solution directly increases the revenue generated from your online shop.

Drive user engagement

Enabling customers to virtually try garments on their own avatar increases the fun factor and in turn the time spent in your online shop.

Reduce return rates

PICTOFiT provides highly accurate size recommendation and fit check, helping shoppers make better purchasing decisions.