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Virtual Photography

Virtual Photography for Fashion Brands and Retail

Virtual Photography

Create Thousands of Outfit Combinations in Seconds

If you’re looking to save time and money on your fashion photo shoots, then our fashion image generation technology is the perfect solution for you. With our PICTOFiT Content Management System (CMS), you can generate an endless number of outfit combinations based on digital assets. So whether you need a few new looks for your website, online shop, or a whole new wardrobe for your next campaign, we can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

High-Quality Fashion Images

Digitize and Automate Your Fashion Product Lifecycle

Garment Sampling

Reduce the time and cost of garment sampling by eliminating the need to make a new sample garment after each design iteration.

Design Approval

Make faster and better decisions about future collections and styles with realistic on-model 2D and 3D product visualizations.

Easier Selling

PICTOFiT is unrivaled in showcasing your digitized on-model garments to buyers from anywhere in the world in a more effective, appealing, and sustainable way.

Better Marketing

Stop marketing teams waiting for product images and free up resources for other creative campaigns and new channels such as VR and Metaverse.


Save Time and Money by Generating Photorealistic Fashion Images with AI

PICTOFiT transforms garment shots into lifelike on-model images and simplifies your designing, production planning, and merchandising processes.

Generate unlimited outfit-model combinations, including accessories. Add your own models, or choose from different ethnicities, body poses, and shapes. Change backgrounds into real or virtual scenes.

Designing & Prototyping

Evaluate New Fashion Designs and Reduce Time-To-Market

Find out how your digital designs created in fashion CAD software like CLO3D, Browzwear, Optitex, Style3D, Adobe Substance, and others will look on real people through virtual try-on. No physical prototypes of garments and model shoots are needed. Automatically create variations (e.g., different outfit combinations, materials, colors) and efficiently test and compare various styles and outfits.

The results are incredibly realistic, so you can drastically reduce the effort of creating physical prototypes and shipping. This reduces time-to-market and costs and improves sustainability.

Production Planning

Get More Sustainable and Win The Battle Against Overproduction

PICTOFiT makes it easy to visualize the new fashion collection and get feedback. Collaborate on product decisions even before a physical sample is produced. See your products on various models, and combine different outfits interactively. Check color schemes across your collection and start producing garments as soon as you are satisfied with them. PICTOFiT will reduce costs by eliminating overproduction and help the fashion industry to become more sustainable.

Merchandising & Advertising

One Try-On Solution, Unlimited Possibilities

As a fashion brand, it’s important to have digital high-quality images of your products to use for merchandising and advertising purposes. With PICTOFiT, our virtual try-on solution, you can also quickly and easily create fashion images by using 3D mannequins or your own selection of virtual models with different ethnicities, body shapes, and poses. You can mix and match outfits interactively, and pair them with photo-realistic backgrounds.

PICTOFiT is perfect for creating perfect fashion images for:

  • Online stores
  • Social media posts
  • Advertisements
  • Catalogs
  • And more!

Metrics & Results

Boost your Key Performance Indicators


Unlimited combinations on model

No more dressing and changing models - mix and match model outfits to create unlimited outfit-model combinations.

High level of realism

Generate photorealistic fashion images that can easily compete with photos from real-life photo shootings.

Fewer live model photo shoots

Minimize the cost and effort of conducting live model photo shoots.

Velocity of execution

Create fashion images much faster and speed up your designing, production planning, and merchandising processes!

Reduce costs & waste

Virtual photography is a great way to reduce the cost and waste associated with physical prototypes, storing numerous items, shipping, and live model shoots.

Time to market

Virtual photography enables you to make product decisions early in the product development process, which saves time and costs down the line and leads to a significantly quicker time to market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Answers about Virtual Photography

  • What Is Fashion Image Generation?

    Fashion image generation is the process of creating digital images of clothing and accessories that can be used to create virtual models and outfits. This process can be used to create a infinite number of outfit combinations without the need for live models, photo shoots, or special equipment.

  • What Is Virtual Photography?

    Virtual photography is a type of photography that uses digital imaging techniques, and computer vision combined with artificial intelligence to create images that look like traditional, realistic photographs.