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Virtual Try-On Solution for E-Commerce Systems

The PICTOFiT SDK allows fashion brands and retailers to integrate the PICTOFiT Virtual Try-On technology into their own web and app stores. The integration allows you to implement all the features of PICTOFiT into your e-commerce system. From our experience with our customers and their agencies and IT companies around the globe, this can be done as quickly as 1-2 weeks of integration time.


Test our live iOS demo app powered by our PICTOFiT Virtual Try-On SDK to experience the most realistic and fun shopping experience for mobile apps.

PICTOFiT Webshop

Check out our live Virtual Try-On demo webshop and see what a personalized, interactive, and fun online shopping experience could look like in your e-commerce solution.

Ready for Omnichannel

PICTOFiT Virtual Try-On for All Devices

From desktops to tablets, cell phones to magic mirrors, our Software Development Kit (SDK) for Virtual Try-On enables virtual fitting rooms on all types of devices.

With the SDK, you can create a virtual fitting room that your customers can access anywhere and anytime.

Through PICTOFiT, all channels are connected seamlessly. Product data and user-generated avatars are shared between the platforms, enabling users to start their journey on any device and finish on any other.

Virtual Try-On

Kit for Web and App

The SDK is easy to integrate and follows industry-standard languages (HTML5, SWIFT/Objective C, JAVA). We provide best practice templates and support from our experts.

Mobile SDK

Available for:




HTML5 and WebGL
ES6 compatible browser