The Solution

Introducing PICTOFiT – our AR content engine.

Generating scalable fashion 2D and 3D assets in a highly automated and efficient flow without the cost and troubles of performing model shoots.

The product follows industry standard languages (HTML5, SWIFT/Objective C, JAVA, etc.), follows industry standard infrastructure (REST, APIs, Docker Images, etc.), SDK to download and test and provides content creation and the application.

Convert conventional photos into accurate 3D assets
Photo-realistic 3D rendering
All platforms, One system
No special hardware needed

PICTOFiT Products

PICTOFiT SDK (web, App, AR)
Allows retailers to integrate PICTOFiT technology into their apps and website.
PICTOFiT Content Service
Transforms product photos into smart 3D assets with a variety of input and output options.

Capture and render complex surfaces and materials. All on a mobile device.

Garment Capture

Allow PICTOFiT to Scale your Business

Automated 3D Model Generation
Uses patented artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to automate the 3D asset generation of products and people.
Use Existing Hardware
No special hardware required (neither by the retailer nor by the user). Reuse existing photo studio. No special skills required.
Scan only a single size and create all other sizes algorithmically.

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