Revolutionize your fashion business with virtual try-on solutions powered by PICTOFiT.

Solutions for fashion brands & retailers

Managing your product lifecycle has never been easier

With PICTOFiT you can easily overcome different challenges along your product life cycle. Cut costs when planning, designing, prototyping, storing and merchandising new garments! Increase sales with outstanding virtual try-on and sizing experiences across all your channels!


Virtual Try-On & Sizing

Take your e-commerce performance to the next level by offering your shoppers a virtual fitting room that is fun to use and helps them find the right size. Allowing your shoppers to try on garments virtually before they buy will reduce the number of product returns and your carbon footprint.


Virtual Photography

Our virtual photography solution powered by the PICTOFiT CMS shows your products in photo-realistic on-model images. It allows you to create an unlimited number of outfit-model combinations. All this is possible without having to install or integrate any software.


Magic Mirror

Create a seamless omnichannel shopping experience by connecting your in-store and online channels with PICTOFiT. Offer your customers your entire wardrobe, not just what is physically available in-store.

Let's define the future of fashion & retail together

The best time to implement our Virtual Try-On (VTO) solutions in your fashion product lifecycle was yesterday. The second best time is now!