Reactive Reality becomes a Microsoft ISV Partner

A true demonstration of the company’s leading position in ultra-accurate 3D modelling revolutionizing online fashion retail.

Reactive Reality - Microsoft ISV Partner
Image: Reactive Reality - Microsoft ISV Partner

Reactive Reality shares Microsoft's vision of adding value through innovation. We pioneer the use of augmented reality to bring the next-generation of online shopping experiences. Achieving Microsoft ISV Partner status recognizes Reactive Reality's outstanding contribution to the field of fully automated 3D modeling. The technology is easy to integrate and ready to use. It turns home computers or smartphones into virtual fitting rooms. Consequently, online shoppers can virtually try on garments at a level of realism comparable to a real world fitting room.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the rise in online shopping. As online shopping becomes a newly-found necessity, buying well-fitting items represents a great challenge. Shoppers demand an in-store experience combined with the convenience of buying from home. While being connected and having all the information at their fingertips, they want a differentiated and personalized approach with immediate, on-demand fulfillment.

Reactive Reality offers a best-in-class solution to this challenge by creating photorealistic, ultra-accurate 3D models of people and fashion items. Pictofit, Reactive Reality's AR engine, allows retailers to transform conventional 2D images into 3D AR objects without specialized training or equipment. Online shoppers can experience how every piece of garment will look on their own bodies via augmented reality. Consequently, the solution automatically enhances user enjoyment and increases first-time shopping success. This boosts consumer satisfaction and results in a positive impact on a consumer's loyalty.

Reactive Reality continues to be at the forefront of augmented reality-based solutions for retail. Pictofit SDK is available for integration by retailers and merchandisers into mobile apps and e-commerce websites.

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