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Fashion Image Generation

This demo shows the high level of realism that virtual fashion try-on can achieve, and how it helps retailers and brands even without an SDK integration. Use the arrow buttons on the website to see different outfits and features.

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PICTOFiT Shopping - Interactive Fitting Room

The app shows a fully featured, interactive dressing room which allows users to create a photo-realistic avatar of themselves and try on a large selection of items. Retailers and brands can integrate all these features into their own shopping app to increase their user engagement and sales conversion.

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3D Product Capturing & Viewing

This demo shows the incredible level of detail of the 3D models captured by our PICTOFiT Capture Kit, and 3D virtual try-on on mannequins. Use the arrow buttons to see different items and outfits. See individual stitches, wrinkles, buttons of the featured products. Retailers and brands can integrate this feature on their websites to create more descriptive and engaging product pages.

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