Mobile Augmented Reality

Reactive Reality’s augmented reality (AR) engine enables users to experience a wide range of products before buying them. Our technology allows users to immerse themselves into AR scenes with apparel, objects and landmarks, and furnish and decorate their own places.

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    Transforms conventional 2D
    images into 3D AR objects

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    Achieves photorealism through our
    proprietary image-based technology.

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    Works with all brands and products

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    Runs on billions of existing devices,
    no special hardware required.


Reactive Reality - comes to Silicon Valley
Image: Reactive Reality - comes to Silicon Valley

Reactive Reality opens Silicon Valley office to accelerate adoption of its breakthrough AR technology on global technology platforms

  • With demand from online clothing retailers for the Pictofit AR engine surging, Reactive Reality plots expansion into e-commerce, gaming and entertainment, and health and lifestyle technology

  • New Silicon Valley hub means Reactive Reality can scale up its technical support for North American customers integrating Pictofit technology into their online infrastructure

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Reactive Reality - Microsoft ISV Partner
Image: Reactive Reality - Microsoft ISV Partner

Reactive Reality becomes a Microsoft ISV Partner

Reactive Reality shares Microsoft's vision of adding value through innovation. We pioneer the use of augmented reality to bring the next-generation of online shopping experiences. Achieving Microsoft ISV Partner status recognizes Reactive Reality's outstanding contribution to the field of fully automated 3D modeling. The technology is easy to integrate and ready to use. It turns home computers or smartphones into virtual fitting rooms. Consequently, online shoppers can virtually try on garments at a level of realism comparable to a real world fitting room.

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Reactive Reality - Pictofit Engine
Image: Reactive Reality - Pictofit Engine

New Technology For Capturing Ultra-Accurate 3D Photo Models Of Consumers And Garments Set To Revolutionize Online Fashion Retailing

Augmented reality pioneer Reactive Reality today announced the next generation of its 3D modeling technology. The Pictofit augmented reality (AR) engine creates photorealistic, ultra-accurate 3D models of people and fashion items to enable online shoppers to virtually try on garments as though they were in a real world fitting room.

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Reactive Reality - Pictofit Engine
Image: Reactive Reality - Pictofit Engine

Reactive Reality’s Smartphone-Based Pictofit Engine Is As Accurate As An Industrial Reference Laser

Users can now generate accurate 3D body measurements with a smartphone. The results are up to 10x more reliable than tape measures. In fact, an independent study showed that Reactive Reality’s (RR) smartphone-based Pictofit engine achieves the same accuracy as an industrial reference laser, which has an error margin of less than 2 mm.

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Reactive Reality - CEO using YOOX Mirror
CEO of YOOX Net-A-Porter using YOOX Mirror

YOOX Net-A-Porter Launches Avatar Try-On!

YOOX Net-A-Porter has rolled out a major upgrade to all users of the YOOX app, and a marketing campaign is underway. You can experience our technology on YOOXMIRROR, the virtual styling room within the YOOX app.

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Reactive Reality Makes An Appearance On The BBC!

BBC Click, hosted by Spencer Kelley, ran a segment on the future of online shopping with virtual try-on technology (augmented reality). BBC selected Reactive Reality’s collaboration with the London College of Fashion (University of Arts) for a demonstration. After our technology generated a 3D avatar of the host, he could try on different garments with his smartphone.

Reactive Reality - Photo-Realism Day/Night
Image: Reactive Reality

Reactive Reality Leads In Augmented Reality Fashion Try-On

Reactive Reality (RR) and the London College of Fashion partnered with a London-based fashion designer to show the future of e-commerce: users can (virtually) experience products before buying them. Click below to learn more about how Reactive Reality is advancing the field of mobile augmented and virtual reality

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Reactive Reality - Photo-Realism Day/Night
Image: Reactive Reality

Reactive Reality's AR Engine Achieves Photo-Realism!

Reactive Reality's team has over a decade of R&D experience in image-based rendering. Still, translating this know-how into a full AR engine was no easy feat. We are proud to announce that the latest version of our image-based AR engine is capable of achieving photo-realism under differing light conditions! Check out the screenshot above: If we removed the labels, would you be able to distinguish between the real object and its clone?

Learn more about our technology here!

Reactive Reality - Furniture AR
Image: Reactive Reality

From Fashion To Furniture!

Reactive Reality has built the world's most scalable fashion try-on technology, but we are not a one-trick pony! With Pictofit3D, we have extended our engine to enable room furnishing and decoration use cases at a higher quality level than even the most established solutions on the market. And our roadmap doesn't end there: We are working on AR modeling of all product types, ranging from makeup to frozen pizza. We offer the only solution that enables e-commerce retailers to roll out AR across all product categories!

Check out examples here.

Reactive Reality - New York Fashion Week Heidi Klum
Photo: Lidl, #letswow

"WOW, THAT’S AMAZING": Heidi Klum Embraces Reactive Reality’s AR Technology at New York Fashion Week

Reactive Reality's Magic Mirror was the eye catcher at Lidl's fashion show with Heidi Klum! Visitors of the New York Fashion Week event were able to try on Heidi's latest collection on our Magic Mirror device. Heidi styled two lucky visitors herself, and over a dozen attendees had their photos taken to be part of the world's first fashion show powered by our latest, high resolution Augmented Reality (AR) try-on technology.

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Fashion Futures Award
Photo: Fashion Innovation Agency

We Won The Fashion Futures Award!

Our Mixed Reality Event in collaboration with Sabinna and the Fashion Innovation Agency was awarded in the category “Beyond the Runway”. Competition was tough - alongside us, industry leaders such as H&M, Burberry and British Vogue were nominated.

For the third year in a row, the Fashion Futures Award, presented by Decoded Fashion and the British Fashion Council, recognized visionaries and innovators in the fashion industry. We are very proud to have impressed this year's elite judging panel, including experts from Asos, Topshop, Google, Instagram and other fashion and technology companies.

Our award winning project was part of London Fashion Week this year and provided an insight into the future of fashion retail.

Read the FIA Article here and about the Awards here.
See the press release here.

Decoded Fashion - Fashion Futures Award
Image: Decoded Fashion

We are nominated for the Fashion Futures Awards! In collaboration with Sabinna, our Mixed Reality Event at London Fashion Week was nominated for the category “Beyond the Runway” alongside industry leaders such as H&M, Burberry and British Vogue.

For the third year in a row, Decoded Fashion and the British Fashion Council are recognizing visionaries and innovators in the fashion industry. The judging panel is made up of experts from fashion, media and technology. Members include executives from Topshop, Asos, Google and Instagram.

The winners will be announced during Decoded Fashions London Summit, on Tuesday 16th May 2017.

London Fashion Week - Reactive Reality x Sabinna
Photo: Emmi Hyyppä

Reactive Reality ✕ SABINNA

On February 18th, fashion was put to the next virtual level. Reactive Reality teamed up with London-based knitwear designer SABINNA, Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA) at the London College of Fashion, and Fashion Scout for SABINNA's show during London Fashion Week…

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Web Summit and Decoded Fashion

Reactive Reality was part of this year's Web Summit, taking place from November 7-10 in Lisbon. We were selected for Project Alpha and showcased our virtual fitting room app Pictofit on one of the three exhibition days.

From November 15 to 16 we will join the Decoded Fashion Summit in Milan, where visitors of the Spotlight Expo will have the chance to virtually try on everything with Pictofit.

Discovery platform Product Hunt featured the all-new version of Pictofit. In the meantime, our Japanese users came up with a highly creative use case for Pictofit, that spread widely on Twitter.

On Sept. 21 we launched a major update for Pictofit. Our users are now able to share their own looks with the Pictofit community, so that others can try on what they have created. This will make Pictofit the first fashion inspiration feed, where users can virtually try on user-generated outfits with a single swipe.

100k Pictofit Users

100k Users Now on Pictofit!

We have reached two major milestones! Earlier this month, we were excited to welcome the 100,000th user of our mobile app Pictofit. Two weeks later, we launched an all-new version for iOS and Android, which brings a much more intuitive user interface. With the updated version we’ve also introduced the Pictofit Feed. It's the first fashion inspiration feed where users can virtually try on entire outfits with a single swipe.

From June 16-17 creative leaders from global brands met at the Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz (formerly Marketing Rockstars Festival), one of the leading European marketing conferences. Reactive Reality was part of a high-profile speakers line-up from brands and organizations such as BuzzFeed, Shazam, The New York Times, the London College of Fashion, and many more.

Pioneers Festival

We are excited to see Pictofit featured on Product Hunt and Netted (by the Webby Awards).

Moreover, Reactive Reality was selected for the Pioneers500 program at the Pioneers Festival 2016 in Vienna, and we will join the brightest minds in tech & innovation during the festival on May 24-25.

For the second time, Reactive Reality was featured in the print edition of Forbes Austria, following the Forbes Start-up Academy. Austrian TV broadcaster Puls4 also covered the event, and featured an interview with Reactive Reality CEO Stefan Hauswiesner.

Meanwhile, Ketch'em Bunnies, another popular Austrian fashion influencer, took a closer look at our smart virtual try-on tool Pictofit.

Six weeks after Pictofit's launch for iOS devices, we have launched the app for Android mobile devices on November, 15. Additionally, we showcased Pictofit at the second edition of TEDx Graz on November 6, 2015.

We have successfully participated in the Forbes Austria Start-up Academy voting and we were qualified for the final round with four other start-ups. At the final presentation on November, 16 we reached the second place.

Pictofit App Icon

Announcing Pictofit

We are proud to announce Pictofit! It is the first application of our image-based technology, and will revolutionize the way we shop for clothes online. Users can share their looks within the app community and on existing social media platforms.

German women’s magazine Brigitte and Austrian fashion blogger Who Is Mocca? already took a closer look at the first version of Pictofit.