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Accurate 3D photo models of consumers and garments set to revolutionize online fashion retailing

By April 20, 2020November 29th, 2022No Comments

Augmented reality pioneer Reactive Reality today announced the next generation of its 3D modeling technology. The PICTOFiT augmented reality (AR) engine creates photorealistic, ultra-accurate 3D models of people and fashion items to enable online shoppers to virtually try on garments as though they were in a real world fitting room.

PICTOFiT offers its revolutionizing AR engine to retailers and merchandisers that aim to substantially reduce the rate of product returns from their e-commerce sales. A promise from Reactive Reality: Retailers and merchandisers that implement PICTOFiT technology on their e-commerce sites will benefit from their customers having enhanced user enjoyment and increased first-time shopping success.

The Reactive Reality PICTOFiT technology is scalable to millions of stock keeping units and is easily integrated into retailers’ normal product photography operations. It may be used easily by any consumer with a smartphone, without the need for additional equipment.

A statement from Stefan Hauswiesner, CEO of Reactive Reality: ‘Online clothes shopping is dysfunctional, both for users who cannot be sure how items they choose will suit them in real life and for merchants who have to carry the huge cost of shipping and processing returned, unwanted items. The PICTOFiT AR engine solves both dysfunctionalities. It turns home computers or smartphones into virtual fitting rooms, showing shoppers how every crease, fold and seam will look on their personal avatars. Its image projections allow smart, sure buys that do not need to be returned or exchanged. I believe PICTOFiT’s latest AR technology will ignite pent-up demand for online shopping in the fashion industry – now, in this corona virus age, more than ever before.’


The fashion industry’s e-commerce financial gains are limited by the huge cost of shipping returned items which fall short of consumer expectations formed from 2D pictures online.

With the newest iteration of the PICTOFiT AR engine, what consumers see is what they get.

  • PICTOFiT’s AR engine generates ultra-accurate, photorealistic virtual 3D models with precision down to a millimeter both of consumer avatars and of diverse merchandise items.
  • PICTOFiT’s software development kit (SDK) allows retailers and merchants to swiftly integrate the fashion try-on functionality with their existing consumer mobile apps and e-commerce sites. Using sophisticated 3D wireframes based on size measurements made by the AR engine, merchandise smartphone apps can enable users to clothe their avatars online with varying garment and accessory combinations found in the merchandiser shopping arenas.

Ultra-accurate measurements show a garment’s avatar fit down to how stretch, stiffness, flow, snugness, cling and looseness apply to the wearer’s contours.

It is interesting to note that retail tests have shown that for bra fitting, PICTOFiT produces more accurate female chest measurements than in-store sales assistants can provide using a traditional tape measure. Additionally, the AR technology is discrete and devoid of human contact – a welcome benefit during flu seasons or pandemics.


Reactive Reality’s PICTOFiT AR technology is based on a unique combination of photogrammetry and artificial intelligence (AI). It converts an array of 2D photos captured by any smartphone camera into a 3D representation compatible with industry-standard image rendering software. Procedure: Creating a 3D image involves walking around a motionless subject or object at a distance of 1m-3m using a smartphone to automatically capture several hundred frames in HD video mode in less than 3 minutes. The standard 2D image frames obtained are simply uploaded to Reactive Reality’s servers and transformed into a 3D image automated by AI algorithms. The 3D image is tagged with precise data naming the subject or object and giving its dimensions, orientation, and particular characteristics.

The PICTOFiT engine is not only easy to use, but also scalable to product ranges of millions of stock-keeping units. Product photographers can take the HD videos in a matter of minutes with no special skills or hardware required. The rest is fully automated.

Reactive Reality’s augmented reality (AR) PICTOFiT engine is not only for apparel. It enables users to experience a wide range of products from toys to furnishings before buying them.

Reactive Reality’s technology is:

  • Scalable – it transforms conventional 2D images into 3D AR objects without the need for special training or equipment
  • Realistic – it achieves photorealism through proprietary image-based technology
  • Universal – it works with all brands and products
  • Mobile – can run on billions of existing devices

Reactive Reality’s PICTOFiT SDK is available now for integration by retailers and merchandisers into e-commerce websites.