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Omnichannel Experience

Virtual Try-On for Smart Mirrors

Omnichannel Smart Mirror

Boost Your In-Store and Online Shopping Experience

With PICTOFiT, you can easily connect your in-store smart mirror with online actions to enable a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. Enable shoppers to view, customize, and try on clothes via their personalized avatar without the effort of physically putting on numerous outfits. Help your shoppers gain confidence in their future online purchasing decisions and improve their overall satisfaction.

PICTOFiT Smart Mirror

Seamless Virtual Fit Experiences for In-Store Shoppers

With PICTOFiT, customers can try on the entire product range in-store, including items that may not be in stock on your virtual mirror. The application is intuitive and easy to use. Shoppers can enter their measurements into a tablet or phone to respect their privacy for sensitive data, while their selected outfits are visualized on a 3D mannequin on the PICTOFiT Mirror in high fidelity.

Augmented Virtuality In-Store

Improve Your In-Store Performance with Virtual Try-On

Integrating PICTOFiT will allow you to offer shoppers your entire wardrobe, not just what is physically available in-store. You’ll be able to reduce stock and storage space. Additionally, your in-store sales team can assist shoppers more efficiently since they can propose a new outfit digitally instead of fetching physical items, and they have an accurate sizing tool at hand. Also, in case shoppers leave the store without buying, PICTOFiT helps with retargeting them online.

Virtual Shopping Assistant

Enable Shoppers to Try-On Products Before Buying

By connecting your in-store activities with your e-commerce system through PICTOFiT Virtual Try-On SDK, new and exciting possibilities arise. Your shoppers can create their personalized avatar in-store and use that same avatar in your online shop to continue their shopping journey at home.

Performance & KPI

Boost Your Key Performance Indicators


Increase sales revenue

Incorporating an interactive virtual try-on feature in your brick-and-mortar store significantly boosts your revenue.

Drive user engagement

Enabling customers to virtually try garments on their own avatar increases the fun factor and in turn the time spent in your store.

Reduce return rates

PICTOFiT provides highly accurate size recommendation and fit check, helping shoppers make better purchasing decisions.