Will AR Get Rid Of Store Changing Rooms?

published by B&T Magazine,
April 21, 2021
written by editors at B & T

A new piece of technology is helping eCommerce vendors clamp down on the volume of returns and helping shoppers find the right fit.

Reactive Reality is bringing 3D technology and augmented reality (AR) to the world of online shopping with an avatar, which allows shoppers to create customised 2D and 3D avatars using their mobile devices in just minutes.

With these avatars, shoppers can then ‘try on’ clothes they find online, reducing the risk of any surprises arriving in the mail.

For ecommerce companies, Reactive Reality says that introducing this technology will help reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction.

“Our AR content engine increases brand loyalty and decreases product return rates. It makes shopping so fun, engaging and precise that shoppers will spend more time interacting with retailers and brands,” the company says.

The company website says its customers have seen up to a 100 per cent increase in sales conversion and a 50x uplift in ROI.

The rise of Reactive Retail is part of a wider industry shift towards advanced technologies, such as AR.

Earlier this month, Snapchat acquired Screenshop, an app which gives users clothing recommendations based on photos they upload online.

According to reports in The Information, Snap plans on incorporating Screenshop into its broader AR-powered eCommerce efforts, which include Bitmoji fashion products and AR try-on tools for makeup and shoes.