Reactive Reality has developed an advanced and proprietary augmented reality (AR) engine for mobile devices that overcomes a major e-commerce problem: experiencing products before buying them. Our technology is a driver of sales conversions, increased basket sizes, user engagement (e.g. session length) and retention (e.g. users returning). Moreover, it lowers return rates by enabling users to experience products before buying them online.


Reactive Reality’s AR engine drives a wide range of different applications, including Fashion Try-On and Home Furnishing and Decoration. All of these use cases work on a single universal platform that can easily be integrated into our customer’s app or website.

Fashion Try-On

Fashion Try-On

Our technology allows users to virtually try-on any type of clothing, and immerse themselves into a scene or background of their choice. Customers take a picture of themselves and, in just milliseconds, virtually try-on any article of clothing available on the app or website. Reactive Reality’s photo-realistic representation is highly accurate in size and proportion. The company’s patented AR engine allows the user to add general objects (shoes and bags) into her “scene”; imagine a user virtually trying on a sundress, then virtually placing herself onto a beach. She can add a beach bag and shoes to the scene, giving the retailer the opportunity to cross sell products. Reactive Reality’s AR engine can be easily deployed at fashion retailers with 100K+ products.

The AR engine is showcased in the company’s app Pictofit.

Home AR View

Home Furnishing and Decoration

Our technology is applicable to a wide range of home products (e.g. furniture & decorations). Users are able to virtually place home products in their own rooms with the correct sizes and proportions, while our technology takes into consideration details such as lighting and color temperature. This results in a wide range of use cases, such as equipping your kitchen, decorating a dinner table, designing your patio, or building an entirely original scene.

The AR engine is showcased in the company’s app Pictofit3D.

User Immersion

Avatar Generation and User Immersion

Reactive Reality’s proprietary algorithms allow users to create live 3D avatars of themselves on their mobile devices. Due to our novel image-based approach, these 3D avatars are highly realistic and avoid the “video game look” of other technologies. The capturing process is very intuitive, and users see the result within minutes.

3D avatars will become an essential part of many products. Users will soon immerse themselves into their future travel destinations, act in their favorite movie scenes and games, and pose on a fashion runway. They will also interact with apparel, objects and landmarks through their avatars. Retailers will be able to create highly personalized shopping, lifestyle and entertainment experiences.

User immersion and 3D avatars are showcased in the company’s app Pictofit3D.


License + Integrate

Our AR engine is very easy to integrate into an existing app and/or mobile website, and can be scaled at little cost. It works with conventional 2D product photos, which are quickly converted into 3D AR models by our proprietary algorithms. There is no need for costly 3D scanning or specialised technology. Our solutions can be experienced on billions of devices (iOS+Android+AR headsets) and websites.

Product Photos
Detailed AR Models
Pictofit SDK or
Web Service

Pictofit Mobile SDK
(Home, Fashion, User Immersion)

Integrate Pictofit into your mobile app to drive sales conversions, reduce returns, increase basket sizes and develop user loyalty. Enable users to virtually try fashion products on themselves, or place furniture in their own room. The Pictofit SDK for iOS and Android is very easy to integrate and includes thorough documentation and example screens, including source code, to get you started quickly.

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Pictofit Web Service

The Pictofit web service can be integrated into any website or webshop. It enables visitors to see your fashion products on a set of different models or on themselves. As a consequence, users get a better impression of their purchase, which increases sales conversions, basket sizes and reduces returns. The Pictofit Web Service will soon be available.

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Custom Integrations
(Home, Fashion, User Immersion)

Reactive Reality offers custom integrations and customizations to any hardware platform, including head-mounted displays like Microsoft Hololens, Samsung GearVR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and magic mirror devices like TableConnect. See our high profile demos and rollouts at London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week to learn more. Get in touch to discuss your ideas.

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