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Reactive Reality

Reactive Reality is the leading provider of virtual try-on and virtual fashion image generation technology. Its PICTOFiT platform enables fashion brands and retailers to seamlessly integrate virtual dressing rooms and photorealistic avatars into their website, app, and in-store solutions. For consumers, the platform creates photorealistic avatars of shoppers, enabling accurate size recommendations across brands. Avatars can be dressed interactively, offering unlimited outfit combinations and virtual background scenes. When using PICTOFiT, retailers report a 6x growth in sales.

PICTOFiT works by transforming existing product photos into virtual assets using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create virtual but photorealistic on-model fashion images on demand. These assets can be used across multiple phases in a product’s lifecycle – including design, planning, visual merchandising, and virtual fitting. The process is quick and easy to integrate, enabling retailers to capture garments, accessories, shoes, and bags in a matter of minutes.

Headquartered in Graz, Austria, and with offices in San Francisco, California, and Tokyo, Japan, Reactive Reality employs over 50 people including world-class engineers, technicians, and scientists with extensive experience in AR, VR, and AI. Reactive Reality’s existing clients include global fashion retailers such as Hugo Boss and Shopify. The company also has active partnerships with Microsoft and the London College of Fashion.

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