"WOW, THAT’S AMAZING": Heidi Klum Embraces Reactive Reality’s AR Technology at New York Fashion Week

Reactive Reality's Magic Mirror was the eye catcher at Lidl's fashion show with Heidi Klum! Visitors of the New York Fashion Week event were able to try on Heidi's latest collection on our Magic Mirror device. Heidi styled two lucky visitors herself, and over a dozen attendees had their photos taken to be part of the world's first fashion show powered by our latest, high quality Augmented Reality (AR) try-on technology.

The show was powered by the same technology that drives our Pictofit Mobile AR experience. It enables users to see how their favorite outfits look on them. No special hardware or skills are required, the technology runs on conventional Apple and Android smartphones. Try Heidi's collection for free in our Pictofit app!

(magic mirror interaction starts at 12:40, video credit to Lidl, #letswow)