Pictofit at London Fashion Week

Sabinna X Pictofit at London Fashion Week 2017

SABINNA X PICTOFIT — Mixed Reality Fashion Experience

On February 18th, 2017, fashion was put to the next virtual level. Reactive Reality teamed up with London-based knitwear designer SABINNA, Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA) at the London College of Fashion, and Fashion Scout for SABINNA's show during London Fashion Week. Together we presented the world's first interactive augmented reality fashion experience. The audience was invited to experience the collection, then mix and match SABINNA’s garments using Pictofit AR technology through the Microsoft HoloLens and the Pictofit mobile app. Thereby, for the first time the audience was able to interact with collection in the virtual world.

SABINNA's Mixed Reality Shopping Event at London Fashion Week – Photo: Emmi Hyyppä

For the Pictofit HoloLens projects, SABINNA’s collection was captured by a rig of 64 high resolution DSLR cameras and calibrated light sources. Using cutting edge machine learning and mesh fitting methods, the garments have been prepared for augmented reality try-on. The Pictofit HoloLens application allowed shoppers to switch garments with simple hand movements to style outfit combinations. The entire collection was also made available in the Pictofit app so that every single user can try on everything on their own body as well.

The project caught widespread attention from leading FashionTech publications such as Fashion & Mash and Wareable magazine. London College of Fashion covered the whole project in a beautifully made making of video.

Team Photo
The team behind the event: Matthew Drinkwater, Lisa Chatterton (both FIA), Stefan Hauswiesner (CEO), Katri Salminen (FIA), Sabinna Rachimova (Founder, SABINNA), Stefan Adelmann (CMO) – Photo: Emmi Hyyppä