Reactive Reality Leads In Augmented Reality Fashion Try-On

We are excited to have successfully concluded the following collaboration:

Here is why we lead:

  • RR's solutions turn 2D images into accurate and realistic 3D models. It only requires a smartphone. RR provides an integrated IT solution for the entire customer experience. Within fashion, this includes the generation of a 3D avatar and precise body measurements, as well as virtual try-on. Companies are telling us that our images are the most realistic in the entire industry.

  • Users try-on 3D models of products generated by a brand or retailer. RR’s technology also gets more out of a basic studio setup by creating photorealistic 3D assets - without special equipment, 3D digital design or CAD capabilities. We can, however, easily work with CAD or other tools if you already have them.

  • RR’s technology reduces return rates (offering the correct fit at first purchase) and increases user engagement and sales conversions. Also, in an increasingly brand agnostic world, why would consumers choose one brand over the other? How can companies draw consumers to their apps and websites, have them spend more time, and, as a result, increase sales? RR addresses these questions.

  • The biggest problem in AR and VR is content - where does it come from? Most companies develop hardware solutions that don’t scale. This would be like building cinemas, without any movies to watch. We make it very easy to add 3D content.

If you’d like to get more info, please don’t hesitate to contact us.