Case Study

How a Major Online Luxury and Fashion Retailer Boosted Their Sales With Virtual Outfit Mix & Match



Website: Anonymous
Industry: Apparel Multi-Brand
Headquarters: Italy
Number of employees: 4700+

Our Customer Uses PICTOFiT to
  • Allow their shoppers to mix and match garments virtually
  • Deliver an innovative and personalized shopping experience worldwide
  • Help shoppers make more informed purchasing decisions
  • Boost user engagement and sales

The Company

Our customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a global leader in online luxury and fashion retail, with four multi-brand online stores. They have an impressive customer base of over 5.3 million shoppers and offer access to over 800 prestigious brands. The company’s network of offices and operations provides a localized approach that serves customers worldwide. They have operations in several countries, including the United States, Europe, Japan, China, and Hong Kong, and deliver their products to over 180 countries globally.

The Challenge

The fashion e-commerce industry faced significant challenges in 2018. High return rates and low sales performance were the most significant obstacles. Despite the convenience of online shopping, only 33% of people preferred to store online, while 67% preferred physical stores. The lack of personalized styling options and the inability to try on clothes, among other factors, contributed to the change in consumer behavior.

Our customer recognized these problems and sought a solution allowing shoppers to seamlessly explore different clothing items and styles and ultimately find their inner stylists. They aimed to deliver an innovative shopping experience to their shoppers worldwide that would help them make better-informed buying decisions.

The Solution

By seamlessly integrating PICTOFiT into their shopping app, our customer was able to provide an engaging and interactive way for shoppers to mix and match garments. The solution allowed customers to dress avatars and create entire outfits, and even display accessories in the dressing room so that customers could see how everything matched together. Shoppers could share their looks instantly with their friends on social media, gaining immediate feedback before purchase.

Since this specific solution was in 2D, only ghost mannequin images of the products were required. This simplicity in creating digital assets allowed our customer to showcase over 250 products per week. The president of our customer reported in a Women’s Wear Daily article that introducing this solution represented an important move in offering their shoppers a personalized and memorable experience.

The Results

The results of implementing the virtual outfit mix-and-match powered by PICTOFiT into their shopping app were significant. Shoppers who used the virtual outfit mix-and-match feature powered by PICTOFiT spent six times more on average, leading to an increase in revenue of over 70 million EUR within a year (2020). This additional revenue represented a 300x return on the investment in the PICTOFiT technology. Our customer also saw an increase in the average order value (7%), revenue per user (494%), sessions per user (245%), conversion rate (61%), average session length (49%), and time spent per user per month (413%).