Meet the Core Team

Our passion for augmented reality is what drives our business and scientific work. We change the way people interact with technology. Based in Graz, Austria we are busy working on the next big thing in mobile augmented reality.

Stefan Hauswiesner, CEO

Stefan has several years of experience in augmented reality research with a focus on image-based methods. He is a passionate paraglider and obtained his PhD for his work on "Efficient Image-based Augmentations".

Philipp Grasmug, CTO

Philipp is a senior software engineer specialized in 3D reconstruction and pose estimation. He obtained his master's degree for his work on multi-frame rate rendering for augmented reality… and he is a daring downhill biker.

Philipp Pani, COO

Philipp is a senior software engineer specialized in web technologies. His work is focused on cloud computing and big data. The enthusiastic bass-player and cyclist graduated from the Graz University of Technology.

Marie-Christin Url

Marie-Christin is our head of fashion and creative. She has a background in graphic design and a lifelong passion for fashion. Her spare time is dedicated to her dog "Marley" and mountain biking.

Thomas Krinninger

Thomas is a senior software engineer specialized in 3D reconstruction methods, neural networks, and iOS development. Besides his research and development work, he spends his spare time mountain climbing.

Christoph Bauernhofer

Christoph is a senior software engineer. The enthusiastic strongman athlete is specialized in Structure-from-Motion methods, mobile GPU programming, and Android development.

Katrin Hollersbacher

Katrin, a specialist in social fashion communities, is responsible for the content production of our consumer software. She is also a certified yoga teacher and takes care of the team's spirit and balance.

Günter Riedler

Günter is a software engineer and, in addition, responsible for the quality assurance of our consumer-facing software. His obsession with details also makes him the best BBQ chef in our team.

Advisory board

John A. Heugle

Mitra Partners Inc.

John A. Heugle formerly worked as a director at Google X, the secret innovation arm of Google. An expert in highly successful company transformations, John Heugle has a long history in restructuring and leading technology companies to achieve best-in-class performance.

Prof. Stefan H. Thomke

Harvard Business School

Professor Stefan H. Thomke, an authority on the management of innovation, is the William Barclay Harding Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. He has worked with US, European and Asian firms on product, process, and technology development, organizational design and change, and strategy.

Prof. Christian Ramsauer

Graz University of Technology

Professor Christian Ramsauer is a full time professor and head of the Department of Innovation and Industrial Management. He formerly worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company focusing on strategy, product and process development for companies in Europe and the US.

Prof. Dieter Schmalstieg

Graz University of Technology

Professor Dieter Schmalstieg is Head of the Department of Computer Graphics and Vision. He is a full time professor and an authority on augmented reality. His research interests include augmented reality, virtual reality, computer graphics, visualization and human-computer interaction.