Reactive Reality’s technology enables an engaging mobile user experience with high retention rates. It can be integrated into your own app or website or used through our established Pictofit app.

+ 50% user retention rate *
+ 70% avg. session length *

* recent performance improvements reported by customer

Technology Licensing

Technology Licensing

Integrate Pictofit’s augmented reality technology into your own app or website. Our image-based modeling and rendering algorithms for AR are bundled into an easy-to-use API that runs on most popular platforms (iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux). Users try on outfits using their smartphone camera, mix and match pieces to create new outfits, share their creations and get social feedback. Users immerse in entire scenes, consisting of backgrounds and objects that users interact with. Enable your users to immerse themselves in your products and become brand ambassadors.

Our augmented reality technology creates a daily user habit around fashion try-on, outfit creation and sharing. As a result, it boosts user engagement and sharing. With our technology, retailers can extract more value from each user and as a result grow their revenues.

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Immersive Advertising

Immersive Advertising in Pictofit

Reactive Reality brings pioneering augmented reality (AR) technology to mobile devices. Pictofit™ is a virtual fitting room app that enables users to browse the collections of online retailers and, via their smartphone or tablet, virtually try on all clothing featured. Online shopping becomes a personalized experience as each item can be rendered on an image of the individual user in a scene the user chooses. With a simple swipe, users can see themselves in any item of clothing or outfit on the beach, in front of the Eiffel Tower, wherever they want to be. The app also allows users to create outfits by mixing and matching individual pieces and sharing edited creations with the Pictofit™ community. Pictofit™ integrates major online retailers, including H&M, Farfetch, Net-a-porter, Topshop, and Zara.

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Digital Stylist

Digital Stylist

Turn your shop assistants into digital stylists! With Pictofit’s augmented reality technology, digital stylists can show their clients how they would look like wearing an outfit or brand of their choice. Don’t waste your client’s time in the changing room. Show outfits, alternatives or upselling options with a quick swipe. Improve customer retention by reaching your clients after they have left your store with personalized offers.

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