Pictofit – your virtual fitting room app.

Reactive Reality brings pioneering augmented reality (AR) technology to mobile devices. Pictofit™ is a virtual fitting room app that enables users to browse the collections of online retailers and, via their smartphone or tablet, virtually try on all clothing featured. Online shopping becomes a personalized experience as each item can be rendered on an image of the individual user. With a simple swipe, users can see themselves in any item of clothing or outfit. The app also allows users to create outfits by mixing and matching individual pieces and sharing edited creations with the Pictofit™ community. Pictofit™ integrates major online retailers, including H&M, Farfetch, Net-a-porter, Topshop, and Zara.

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How it works

Leveraging its 30 man-years of augmented reality R&D, the Reactive Reality team has developed GPU-accelerated algorithms that solve the complex tasks of mesh fitting and image-based modeling on conventional smartphones with minimal latency. When we started in 2010, AR problems required run times of more than one minute on an advanced desktop computer. Today, our proprietary algorithms can solve the same computational problems on an iPhone in under 15 milliseconds and can match the image quality of more powerful computers.

Pictofit™ can access over half a million items of clothing, with new pieces added each day. Our machine learning algorithms transform conventional product images into AR clothing that the user can virtually try on with a quick swipe of the screen. By focusing on look, instead of size recommendations, Reactive Reality’s fitting room app can be easily scaled because it can take advantage of image materials from a wide range of web shops. Unlike other fitting solutions that rely on 3D scanning and modeling, the cost of adding another piece of clothing to Pictofit™ is zero.

Our research has been featured in over 20 publications and has generated several patent applications.

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Immersive Advertising

Immersive Advertising

Pictofit™ also incorporates a social media component that allows users to share their curated selections with the Pictofit™ community, thereby significantly extending a fashion brand’s reach. Through Pictofit™, users become fashion editors, featuring favorite pieces from online retailers and assembling individual outfits that other users can peruse and engage with in the community feed.

Reactive Reality tracks all user activity and can provide advanced data analytics to its clients. For retailers and fashion brands, Pictofit™ is a smart advertising channel, where customers actively engage with brands and immerse themselves in a brand’s collections. All pieces and collections link back to the original web shop for checkout. Wishlists and other sharing features enable cross-channel shopping.

Reactive Reality’s proprietary algorithms can power a wide range of virtual brand immersion experiences. The virtual fitting room app Pictofit™ is our first product that is driving this paradigm shift in advertising.